We are the only fracturing and acid engineering consulting group in Canada, one of five in the world.  We do three things: help clients directly through our skills & experience; publish the largest online database of fracturing focused well information; and publish reports on fracturing best practices & market trend studies.  

We integrate other professionals in our projects as needed such as petrophysicists using specialized software to derive geomechanical rock properties to yield the highest frac model output accuracy.  We also use reservoir engineering experts with their specific software to forecast production for more accurate frac optimization.

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Major Types of Services

Engineering Consulting

We cover many skills and experiences to successfully finish interdisciplinary technical projects on time and budget, many of which are focused on the end result of maximizing the effectiveness with stimulating wells, often by fracturing.  We have improved the productivity of long term unconventional and conventional resources, in North America and internationally.  We teach courses and consult in the following areas: fracturing, acidizing, petrophysics, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering.

Market Research 


We sell reports to two types of companies: well operators and product/service companies. Operators use our reports to determine the best practices in fracturing and technology providers to improve their frac optimization and field development strategies. Product/service companies use one of our several reports to achieve different advantages. These regularly produced reports include tracking when fieldwork was done, how much work was done/product were consumed, where it was done, and who did it. Whether an operator, product, or service supplier, we can fully customize reports to your business needs.

Online Frac Database

This is a website you can subscribe to for browsing and summarizing graphs to solve your problems.  It comes with training and advice from our team.  It serves as an excellent way to peak over the fence at how your neighbor is fracturing & their results, best practices analysis in your formation & area, shortening the 5  year learning curve down to 2 years, and for international technology transfer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Project Management

From business development to sales consulting to coaching regulators to overseeing the whole projects with other  consultants, we can help achieve your company goals.

We are a group of consultants experienced in oil and gas with expertise in fracturing engineering & operations, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, acidizing, and completions.

Training Courses

Our senior people share their experience through various fracturing, acidizing, reservoir, completions, and operations courses.

These are shared in various lengths of time from one day pre-conference courses to one week length compilations.  In addition, we have all our content available as chapters to combine into a customized course for your team based on your needs. 

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We are world leaders, with over 10,000 wells of experience that has been applied to solve problems domestically and spread to 25 countries on 6 continents of which 10 countries we worked on the first unconventional wells.

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