Frac Database

We have collected over 150,000 wells of fracturing and acidizing information along with the wells' actual production with analytics.  We have the largest collection of fracturing information available online from any other source.  The advantages of our frac database is that it is put together by industry leading experts that pioneered this technology, we merge data from a single frac from several different reporting sources, and we interpret and categorize the data with our knowledgebase.

Our current software partner is Geo Webworks, and as a long term partner they bring their decades of well data software and analytics.  Geo Webworks provides excellent analytics to determine best practices for operators while automating reports to help summarize the market for product and service companies.

Frac Optimization

We will help determine missed opportunities on how you should fracture your next well.  Through our experience we can help with wildcatting in initial field development, or examine the past production from existing fields while our partner companies can work with your core, logs and existing frac designs you have or are developing your field with.

We can increase your profit and booked reserves through 4 different software packages.

We generate value 20 fold of what our fees are, less than water delivery/storage but can increase your production 25%!

We help with quality assurance and cost control at the field level where all great intentions can suffer from the lowest common denominator.  We usually save the operator 10 times our fees for watching fracs via satellite or at the well site.

Best Practices and Market Reports

We produce reports for best practices for operators, and we produce market intelligence/business development reports for product and service providers.


Cost Control and Increasing Profit

We specialize is cost control and other means in which to increase your profit.  Just ask us for more information!

Customized Solutions

We are the specialists that can provide you with many solutions that we can customize to your unique needs.  Book a meeting or phone call with us to explore what our specialists can do for you.


Call Us...

We have listed a few of the more common things we do above.  There is a lot more specific problems and custom solutions that we offer.  Just ask us!