Frac Database

We have collected over 150,000 wells of fracturing, acidizing, and production information, and our web partner Geo Webworks provides online access and frac knowledge through analytics.  This new tool is essential for unconventional wells.

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Frac Optimization

We will help you determine how you should take advantage of missed opportunities to increase profit on your next well through cost savings or increasing production.  Through our experience we can help with wildcatting in initial field development, or with developing your existing fields.

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Best Practices and Market Share Reports

We statistically identify the best practices used by industry in a given formation for operators, and we produce insightful summaries of the overall market for business intelligence and development for product and service providers.

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FracKnowledge Increases Revenue and Reduces Costs

Our vast fracturing experience, including our operating expertise, combined with our frac database gives us a competitive advantage in giving you a better competitive advantage. Knowing how the industry works, we have both common and innovative ways to save on costs and increase your production.

We have the only group of frac experts in Canada, one of five groups in the world.  We improve your results, and you can take that to the bank!

We are innovative and have been the main inventor on over 20 patents as well as educated the industry on 6 continents including our own backyard.  Being local experts at the top of industry, we have exported our frac knowledge worldwide.



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